Thai Original food

Fragrance of herb, spicy and sour, Thai food is one of the most unique food!!!

Their spice are nam pla(fish sauce), hot pepper, coriander and citrus fruits.

The typical cuisine of spicy and sour Thai food is “Tom yum goong”

Green curry is also famous!! great balance of spicy and creamy from coconut milk.

Depending on the area, the degree of spicy is different!!

In the Northeast near Laos, these area’s food is very very spicy!!!

kaoniao(sticky rice) and Som tam (spicy salad with unripened papaya)

In the North near Myanmar, Khao soi, crispy noodle with soup, is famous.

In the South near Malaysia, satay , marinated, skewered and grilled meats, is popular.

Other than these area’s original food, Pad Thai (fried noodle) and Thai fish cake.

Apart from spicy food, dessert is very sweet!!

They use coconut milk, tapioca, and mango.

After spicy food, sweet dessert makes me feel happy!!


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